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"I am truly grateful that I was one of the filmmakers selected to screen with Queens World Film Festival. QWFF held our work in high regards, showed us great respect as artists and worked hard to ensure that the screening was a celebration of our efforts. Every artist left feeling like a winner. Itís the kind of experience that every filmmaker should seek out. I wish Don and Katha the best in all of their endeavors and the continued growth of QWFF!"
Shauntay Cherry, JUST ANOTHER PART OF ME (2013)

"My experience at the Queen's World Film Festival has immensely inspired me as a filmmaker to go beyond the ambitions of the norm. It really is Queen's one and true film festival. "
Benjamin Tran, DUALITY (2011) - Winner Best Young Filmmaker

"The Queens World Film Festival is a filmmakers festival. Don and Katha Cato pride themselves on making your experience at QWFF unique and meaningful. They've created an atmosphere where filmmakers of all types can come together, learn from each other and expand their networks. And on top of that they work hard to program your film into thematic blocks that really capture the true nature of your work. QWFF is not a festival to miss!"
Andrew Cannizzaro - A GIRL AND HER GUARDIAN (2013)

"The Queens World Film Festival shows an amount of love for film makers which is unrivaled."
Faiyaz Jafri -PLANET UTERO (2013)

"There's much more great work for you to do in the coming years, you've already made such an impression and affected the world of film/humanity in a profound way, providing an effective channel for artists' ideas and ambitions by ripping them out of their fear and insecurities and giving them the confidence and perspective they need to move on and up."
Devereux Milburn - STAYED FOR (2012)

"I've been meaning to email you regarding the QWFF. I think you should change the name of the festival to The Queens World CLASS Film Festival! Your attention to detail, style and class really sets your festival apart allowing for an very impressive, and unforgettable film festival experience. It really was rewarding to be treated with such respect after working so hard to produce our film."
Jon Sajetowski - SHARP LOVE, SHARP KITTENS (2013)

"QWFF showcases true independence in cinema. You will never feel rushed, lost, or as if you've fallen through the cracks at QWFF."
Brian Smolensky - THE GADARENE SWINE (2011)

"The communication, support and level of professionalism before, during and after the festival was truly remarkable."
Justin K. Staley - WYLDFLOWER (2011)

"They have a tangible love for the art and craft of filmmaking and especially for the artists."
Daniel Jordano - FROG DREAMS (2011)

"The intellectual and aesthetic rigor with which the films were programmed was quite impressive."
Farzin Farzaneh - DRAT (2011)

"They created a mood that really helped us network with the media and other film makers."
Dan Brennan - MAGGIE MARVEL (2011)

"Katha and Don Cato are the real thing. They have a true knack for producing a film festival that is at once local and worldwide. I've had the pleasure of going to a number of Queens World Film Festival events and look forward to attending many more in the years to come. I'm proud to be from Queens and to be part of the indie film movement that is thriving in the boroughs, in part thanks to the work they are doing with QWFF."
Adam Schartoff, Programmer & Host of Filmwax Radio

"Queens is home for me, Katha and Don are family and the Queens Film Festival will always hold a special place in my heart! It's such an incredible feeling to see how far Queens has come in paving the way for filmmakers to showcase their craft in the heart of Queens. Thank you Katha and Don for being phenomenal and for all of the hard work you put into the festival."
Mike Dusi, MIKEY BOY, (2013)



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